Focus on: Antonela Racca, Executive Director of SocialxChange

April 18, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

"With high standards of transparency and incorruptibility, we can encourage more people to want to finance the social sector"

Designing technological solutions to facilitate the work of social initiatives is what SocialxChange does. We spoke with Antonela Racca, its Executive Director, to learn more about her work.

How did you get to civil society?

I am an Argentine public accountant, then I did a master's degree in Economic and Social Development. I started working as a volunteer when I was 11 years old New Humanity, International NGO that works for intercultural dialogue, of which I am still a part. I tried a lot of possible areas of my profession and I realized that if I did not have the social thing inside, I was missing something. Spending my free time or weekends for volunteering was not enough.

What is the organization currently working on?

SocialxChange It is an organization that has been operating for a year and a half. We are three co-founders and some volunteers. Here we design technological solutions and computer tools to generate information and reports. Our intention is to provide as much data as possible, to facilitate organizations to raise resources that allow them to be implemented with the least possible effort.

Now we are finishing developing a web platform, where one can identify all the projects, programs and social enterprises of Chile; they can filter them according to their interests, and identify the projects that are more aligned if I want to volunteer, I want to finance them or I want to dedicate time as a professional.

In addition, we are working on an application that allows traceability to donations, so that investors can know what happens with your money in real time. And, above all, that organizations have a simple tool that allows them to communicate with their financiers and measure easily and reliably. With high standards of transparency and incorruptibility, we can encourage more people to finance the social sector.

Photo: SocialxChange Activity

What is your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge we have is to overcome the lack of access to technology in the social sector. Due to lack of resources, it is difficult to have professionals working in these areas. The applications we develop are not to be used only in the office, but also to be used by volunteers and organizations in the field. The idea is to record evidence in real time. It is that we actually have some kind of information regarding the social impact that the projects are having. Ultimately, future financiers or volunteers can evaluate which organizations in their region are and what needs they are responding to.

We want to support collaborative synergies. We are encouraging the organizations of our platform to meet. That, if I want to carry out a V Region education project, for example, I can access a mapping of who is working on it and join forces; contributing with the expertise of each one and make interventions more and more effective. 

How has your experience been at ColungaHUB?

It has been a very good experience. We have been in Colunga for about 6 or 7 months. It is an organization that is worrying about everything we need. The need for training in digital marketing is expressed, for example, and Colunga looks for the person and generates a workshop on the subject. They are constantly rethinking the space so that it is more in line with our needs and generating collaboration among the foundations. That's him plus maximum.

In fact, we specifically choose to come here. It was the first place we look for as an office because it is the pole for civil society organizations.

What results do you hope to achieve with ColungaHUB?

Our priority in the HUB is to have a quicker arrival to civil society organizations, because all the solutions we are designing are to facilitate the work of them. So, the more exchange and closeness we have, the better our solutions will be. Our experience so far has been that. It is much easier to access them having the networks at hand. Closeness favors collaboration a lot.

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