Exhibition "The Ecology of the Look" invites to value the beauty of nature that exists in the urban environment

March 29, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The project that brings together a series of photographs taken by visual artists, María Eugenia Torres, Magdalena Montero and Paz Lira, will be inaugurated in Cable Room to Art, an artistic space with a social foundation Colunga Foundation

The exhibition proposes to decelerate the urban rhythm and see these elements of nature in its form, its colors, its geometry and its textures, as a way to recover sensibility and activate our perception of the environment.

"We want to make visible, from an artistic point of view, the natural elements that surround us in the urban environment, and invite the viewer to value the beauty of nature in order to respect and protect it", comments the exhibition, the audiovisual artist, Paz Lira.

This is the third sample of the Cable Room to Art, artistic space created by Colunga Foundation and the cultural management group Urban art, which aims to highlight social problems through art.

We invite you to the opening of "La Ecología de la Mirada" on Tuesday, April 3, starting at 6:30 p.m., in ColungaHUB (Av. Bustamante # 26, Providencia). Entry released.


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