Study of the UAI presents a map of the country's philanthropic foundations

July 25, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The general objective of this research is to contribute to the generation of knowledge of the sector and to detect barriers for the strengthening of the Chilean philanthropic ecosystem.

The study Institutional Philanthropy: Mapping Philanthropy and Social Investments in Chile is a work carried out within the framework of a collaboration agreement between the Center for Philanthropy and Social Investment of the Adolfo Ibáñez University, and the Hauser Institute for Civil Society of Harvard Kennedy School and, born of the fact that the research team of Harvard University makes a change in the forms of philanthropic donations, where high-income individuals, families and companies are looking not only to increase their donations, but also to contribute more strategic to achieve greater social impact with your investments.

To characterize institutional philanthropy, the study addresses as an object of research philanthropy channeled through existing philanthropic foundations, legally constituted, that have a stable or permanent funding source, where 50% or more of their resources come from a source private, that have their own board of directors or another equivalent top management body, that do not have shareholders, and that dedicate their work to distribute their financial resources towards social, educational, cultural, environmental or other public benefit areas.

From this universe of organizations, this research collects data on its operation, work system, focus, beneficiaries, financial resources, evaluation system, corporate governance and human resources, providing a detailed look at the current characteristics of these organizations and the sector in general.

Download the study here

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