This 2019 What do you dream for Chile?

December 28, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

We asked different leaders of civil society, belonging to the Colunga Network, to dream of a Chile for next year, allowing us to advance in new opportunities from different sources and keep walking #JuntosParaTransformar.

Esperanza Cueto, President of Fundación Colunga:
"I dream of a country where boys and girls are fully respected in their rights and educated in equality."

Benito Baranda, Executive President of America Solidaria and Director of Fundación Colunga:
"I dream of a country where we treat ourselves with dignity, learn to listen and love each other, to respect each other and to seek together a free and fraternal Chile".

Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of the Colunga Foundation:
"I dream of a country that integrates, welcomes and incorporates everyone, regardless of their origin, condition or nationality."

Sergio Chacón, Executive Director of Woman Foundation Get up:
"I dream that we will be able to make progress in making our country more inclusive for people who have been in prison and that we continue to develop with an empowered civil society that works hand in hand with the State, academia and companies."

Carolina Contreras, Executive Director of Pro Bono Foundation:
"I dream of a country that sees justice as a right and not a privilege, where we all meet through dialogue."

Alejandra Sepúlveda, Executive Director of CommunityWomen:
"In ComunidadMujer we dream that in 2019 there will be significant advances so that women and girls can live in a country with equal rights and opportunities. We hope that the universal nursery project project will be approved, incorporating working men in the right, in order to truly advance in co-responsibility in the care of the children, pushing the cultural transformation that we need so much for a more egalitarian and just Chile " . 

Francisco Fernández, Executive Director of Foundation for a career:
"In Fundación Por Una Carrera we dream of collaboration spaces, where each organization contributes from its impact, to improve the quality of life of all the people of the country. Civil society has a lot to give and this 2019 will be marked by our contributions ".

Marcela Guillibrand, Executive Director of the Volunteers Network of Chile:
"I dream of more collaboration spaces, with an active citizenship, making and being the change. More voluntary people, aware and responsible for a more sustainable planet. "

And what do you dream for our country? What can your contribution be for 2019?

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