Climbing and influencing What are the strategies of civil society?

November 20, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

In a new day of Consolidation with the Social Innovation Laboratory of ColungaHUB, the winners of Emprende El Viaje 2016 learned about the strategies of incidence and scaling of the Smart Citizen, CommunityMujer, Fútbol Más and Course Council organizations.

The winning teams of Emprende el Viaje 2016: Fundación Minga Valpo; Amereida Cultural Corporation; Deal Done Neighbor Foundation; Altiplano Monsignor Salas Valdés Foundation; Teaching Impulse, Own Project Foundation and the San Gerardo Polyclinic Community Health Center, had the opportunity to talk about advocacy with Alejandra Sepúlveda, Executive Director of ComunidadMujer and with Eglé Flores, Regional Coordinator of Smart Citizen, these are his recommendations:

While in relation to the escalation, they learned about the experiences of the Course Council and Fútbol Más together with Sebastián Marambio and Rodrigo Abarzúa.

Sustainability in civil society

On the day the winning organizations of Emprende El Viaje 2016 were able to present their sustainability models to Andrés Baehr of Agora Partnerships, who advises to be more strategic when thinking about financing.

"There are foundations that fall into the basics that is to say 'I want to raise more funds than last year', but the idea is to get out of that and see the lines by which you are getting the income and with that information see how to project in the future and to see with which I have a clearer value proposal, not wanting to cover everything, "said Baehr.  

Escalar e incidir: Cuarta joranada de Consolidación junto a ColungaLab

About the Laboratory Consolidation program ColungaHUB

The objective of this program is to support projects selected by the Colunga Innovators Fund, to improve the quality of their models of social change and the development of competencies for leadership, in order to implement better solutions for children, education and overcoming poverty.

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