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Interview with Esperanza Cueto in the Fair Country program

October 14, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The President of Fundación Colunga spoke with Benito Baranda and Percival Madero, about the strengthening of philanthropy in Chile, the role of civil society and the success story of the Let's Play with Our Children program, supported by Colunga.

“We have been working hard with other organizations, large and small, and we believe that we must strengthen the philanthropy ecosystem in Chile. In general, the private world is not very active in financing public projects and has not had an involvement, in my opinion, relevant in the country's issues and affairs. From Colunga we are trying to put a grain of sand in that line. We will have a more democratic society, more just as we have actors that can work on equal terms, ”said Esperanza Cueto.

In addition, he stressed the need to give a more relevant space to the third sector: “There is a huge challenge in which civil society does become a powerful actor, which can influence the debate, make a accountability Best of state policies and follow up. The private sector is also important in this. There is an opportunity to pilot programs, make more innovation, from civil society, with private financing. It should be a laboratory to look for better policies, better interventions that can be scalable. There is one thing that we from Colunga are promoting and we hope it can be a contribution. ”

Watch the full interview:

Source: Radio Madero 

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