Enrique Cueto: "To innovate we must mix experiences, resources, ideas and look for different ways that have an impact"

January 21, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

About the characteristics of Colunga and its projection in the next five years refers the Director of Colunga, CEO of LATAM Airlines Group and board member of Endeavor.

What attributes does Colunga have?

Colunga is a foundation that constantly seeks to innovate and find different ways to have an impact on public policies, in a more original and different way. Foundations tend to develop in a historical model of functioning, and here Colunga seeks his way in community.

How do you project, in your opinion, Colunga in five years?

In what comes we must concentrate more every day on how we continue learning, how we improve. We must always ask ourselves how to help those who have good ideas to change public policies regarding poverty in the country. That way is innovation.

From my perspective, one thing is to help, and another is to make the impact possible. There are many people who have good intentions, but you can not have an impact.

How to achieve impact?

Social innovation is trying to do things differently. My motivation is that, from the experience of each one, of each organization, we can advance in poverty with real social impact, where we all have opportunities.

To innovate we must mix experiences, resources, ideas and look for different ways that have an impact. The beauty of Colunga is to put the overcoming of poverty in the center, and see it in a different way than necessity. What we want is that things can be improved in the country so that we all have opportunities. For this, the path of Colunga seeks innovation in the way of doing things and the impact on social projects.

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