On the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty Foundations talk at ColungaHUB

October 19, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

The meeting, organized by América Solidaria, Hogar de Cristo, Techo, Foundation for the Overcoming of Poverty and Community of Solidarity Organizations, which brought together more than a hundred people and was held in the ColungaHUB auditorium, had two milestones: first the convening organizations made a statement about the situation of poverty in Chile, and then a debate was opened called "Our Poverty and Inequalities. We all do this change. "

The debate counted with the participation of journalist Beatriz Sánchez; the senator Francisco Chahuán, the social director of Techo, Valentina Latorre, businessman Roberto Fantuzzi and the journalist Aldo Schiacappasse as moderator.

Declaration of solidarity organizations

The organizations calling for the meeting, represented by Alejandra Pizarro from COS; Benito Baranda de América Solidaria; Valentina Latorre from Ceiling; Juan Carlos Feres of the Overcoming Poverty Foundation and Juan Cristóbal Romero of the Hogar de Cristo, made a joint statement on vulnerability and poverty, where they exposed the critical points, where childhood was the priority issue.

In relation to this, they declared that "there are currently projects in Congress that are not progressing as quickly as necessary, such as, for example, the Project for Guarantees for Children and Adolescents, and that these must be approved in this presidential period." They also stated that "it is urgent that the regulations of the Chile Grow with You program be issued, which has been pending for 8 years, and that the bonus for school performance be eliminated."

The other topics related to the challenges that exist with older adults; the migrant population; disability; decentralization; financing to the third sector; the camps and the institutionality of the INE.

Finally, the institutions pointed out that poverty, in its different manifestations "is a violation of Human Rights". Thus, the State must show signs of an effective commitment to the issues that it can and must resolve urgently, but also all sectors of society must collaborate in the solutions and in the construction of an inclusive and fair development model for Chile.

Check the complete statement here.

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