"Entrepreneurship in the social thing removes you completely": Innovators tell their experience in Emprende El Viaje

October 28, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

OCTOBER 28, 2016

It is 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 27, the last day of the first day of learning workshops of the Emprende el Viaje call, and the representatives of the 30 selected initiatives are seated and form a circle that invites them to a final instance. of reflection, where each one can mention the learning of these 3 days full of workshops, talks and participatory experiences. They highlight the diversity of the projects in this call, the camaraderie generated and the possibility of returning to look at their initiatives with the help of other points of view.

"I realized these days that we are not alone, that we can work in collaborative networks and grow," says Paula Celis of 'Integrated Science in the Classroom'.

"I am left with the important thing that is to verbalize and name the ideas, and the things one is proposing," says Patricio Massardo of 'Deal made neighbor: Pegas domesticos'.

Amanda Larraechea of 'No Project' emphasizes that "undertaking socially removes you completely, your way of looking, your organization and even your way of understanding life".

"There are many of us who are committed to the same goal but from different worlds, and we can work as a team to empower each other", says Andrea Román of the 'Potentiation' initiative.

"The trip was super interesting. It is our third year with this project, so this space has allowed us to meet him again and to think that we can grow even more, it has been magical "comments Carolina Osses, from the project 'Rope Firm: Circus to transform'.

For Mercedes Henderson of 'I am Independent' of VE Global, he commented that one of the challenges is "to create simple solutions to complex problems".

"I feel I am the winner just because I was here, with all these people who had so much to teach and deliver, and because of the constant interaction with all my colleagues," highlights Álvaro Covarrubias from 'Escuela Libre: Sociedad de Niños'.

"We arrived, we are and we will continue with a lot of new energy, and we are eager for knowledge," says Luis Antipani from 'Mapuche Children Write Bilingual Poems'.

The dynamic of reflection ends, the circle dissolves, the innovators stop and chat animatedly with their classmates. The last surprise of the day is that they are about to meet their mentors, who will guide them permanently in what remains of the trip.

The next day of learning workshops will be held between November 22 and 24, where the selected teams will resume the trip that will help them improve their projects, and get more prepared to the final investment table, which will support up to 25 million weights to a maximum of 8 winners.

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