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January 12, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

In an arduous day of evaluation, the members of the evaluation table of the call of projects of Social Innovation of Colunga Foundation, Emprende el Viaje 2016, chose the 7 winners who will be able to choose up to 25 million pesos to implement or improve their initiative .

At 9:00 a.m. in the morning, the jury met from the evaluation table of Emprende el Viaje, which had the task of witnessing the presentations and reviewing the background of the 13 projects that passed the first stage and went to the table of final investment of the call.

The jury was composed of a group of experts, which was divided into two working groups to evaluate the initiatives in parallel. The first table was formed by Inti Nuñez (Corfo) Juan José Cueto (Colunga Foundation); Matías Rojas (Socialab); Teresa Matus (University of Chile), and Verónica Monroy. The second table, meanwhile, was made up of  Esperanza Cueto (Colunga Foundation); Ana María Raad (Fundación Chile); Arturo Celedón  (América Solidaria Internacional); Cesar Mariñez (University of Chile) and Maricarmen Torres (Corfo)

After evaluating each team separately, the jury met to deliberate and chose as winners of the Emprende el Viaje call to the following projects:

  1. Free School "Children's Society"
    CSC San Gerardo. RM
  1. Abyssal Art for people with disabilities
    Almereida Cultural Corporation - V Region
  1. Deal done neighbor: Domestic Pegas
    Foundation Deal made neighbor -RM
  1. Cerro Merced Playroom
    Minga Valpo Foundation - Valparaíso Region
  1. Because I fell in love with you: Patrimonial Learning for Andean children and adults
    Altiplano Monsignor Salas Valdés Foundation - XV Arica
  1. There is no Project
    Own Project Foundation in collaboration with the Municipality of Peñalolén. RM
  1. Promoting a cultural change from the classroom
    Teaching Impulse - RM



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