Emprende El Viaje invites you to discover the heart of your project

September 7, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The new call for the Innovative Fund of the Colunga Foundation, which supports teams with innovative projects at an early stage, will be open until October 13, 2017.

Fundación Colunga invites teams and non-profit organizations that are transforming the reality of children and young people in contexts of vulnerability, to participate in a learning trip and the possibility of financing their project. Winners will have access to a maximum of 25 million pesos to enhance their initiatives.

What is the Journey?

It is a call belonging to the Innovative Fund of the Colunga Foundation, which this year has its second version: "Undertake The Journey: Discover the heart of your project".  

The innovative Fund of Colunga Foundation aims to expand and improve the quality of innovative social projects at an early stage, promoting innovation processes and consolidation of teams and proposals for social change.

What are we looking for?

The 2017 call of Emprende El Viaje is aimed at promoting projects whose target population is children and young people (up to 29 years old) in contexts of vulnerability in the Chilean territory.

We look for teams or organizations with projects or incipient and innovative initiatives at an early stage with potential for consolidation.

Who can apply?

Foundations, corporations and functional organizations non-profit of all Chile, with legal personality in force.

In case of not having legal personality, teams may submit their projects to the eaves of another organization.

What is the trip?

20 selected organizations will live 4 days of training together with the Colunga Foundation, where they will receive tools of social innovation to enhance their initiatives. This pre-consolidation day will be held on November 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2017. Then organizations can improve their projects and have the possibility to access a maximum of 25 million pesos in financing.

Download the bases and apply to Undertake The Journey: Discover the heart of your project until October 13 of 2017, in www.fundacioncolunga.org.

Consultations to convocatorias@mgconsulting.cl

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