The impact of the Primero LEE program in Arica

November 14, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Colunga Foundation team visited the Gabriela Mistral, América and Juan José San Martín schools in the city of Arica, to hear the testimonies of teachers, UTP leaders, principals and students who have participated in the program of the Foundation Grow With Allsupported by the Strengthening Fund of Colunga.

Programa Primero LEE en Arica

In 2010, the Crecer Con Todos Foundation was born to face the harsh reality of Chilean education: 6 out of 10 children who reach the fourth quarter and who live in vulnerable contexts, he does not read or does not understand what he reads.

That is why they created the First LEE program, which seeks to implement a methodology for reading stories in the classroom, which encourages learning and development of children from initial education. In the last 8 years he has helped to improve the linguistic skills of 13,000 children. Among its guidelines, it is important that students learn to read and write, increase their vocabulary, understand what they read, develop creative writing and passion for reading.

The program is implemented within the classroom throughout the academic year (March to December), is articulated and complemented with the Plans and Programs for Language and Communication required by the Ministry of Education. The support consists of a technical advice in the area of language and communication, with the purpose of installing and strengthening competences in teachers and pedagogical technical equipment, that allow to advance in the reading and writing development of girls and boys. Currently working in 7 regions, 22 communes and with 76 schools.

The Colunga Foundation team went to the city of Arica to learn about the experiences that are lived in the Gabriela Mistral, América and Juan José San Martín schools, who have participated in the program.

See how love for reading impacts: 

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