The support of the Colunga Foundation for education projects

June 25, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

With the line of the Social Investment Fund and the different subsidies to be part of the cowork of civil society, Colunga is committed to supporting organizations that are innovating in education, either from classroom learning or the development of 21st century skills.

The Colunga Social Investment Fund Their objective is to strengthen the effectiveness of social initiatives through financing, technical advice and accompaniment. The postulable funds (Innovative Fund and Strengthening Fund) are awarded through open calls. While ColungaHUB is a collaborative work platform that offers spaces, training, meeting and debate among various actors of civil society, academia, the public and private sector. Currently the ColungaHUB community brings together 40 social organizations and has work spaces whose cost is partially subsidized.

Photo Fundación Crecer con Todos

Learn about the foundations and projects in education that are supported by Colunga:

Work with early childhood is primary for Creating Curious, which promotes science education with the project "Curious in the classroom: doing science in preschool". Winners of the 2017 Innovative Fund of Colunga. They are also part of the organizations supported by the Consolidation Program of the Social Innovation Laboratory of Colunga.

The organization's First LEE program Grow With All, aims to improve the quality of learning of boys and girls of fourth grade. This is done through the application of innovative, effective and comprehensive methodologies within the classroom, specifically in the language classes. Thanks to the support of the 2017 Strengthening Fund of Colunga, they have been able to reach educational establishments in the commune of Arica. 

The technology classes arrive Odyssey, Technological NGO and member of ColungaHUB, which supports and promotes the development of local intervention projects based on science, technology and innovation.

Another winner of the 2017 Innovative Fund is Observatory of the Game, which is committed to playful strategies that allow the development of skills for the 21st century and promote the well-being, inclusion and participation of students, teachers and parents of four schools in the country. They are also part of the ColungaHUB community. Like Creando Curiosos, they are part of the Consolidation program of the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory.

And in another continent it impacts EducÁfrica, which supports the development of educational projects in Africa, through the integral sponsorship of schools in an area of extreme poverty. They are a member organization of ColungaHUB that works in programs to improve the quality of education, with support for managers, teachers and students.

Inclusive education is the focus of My talents, an organization that contributes to equal opportunities for children and young people, by increasing the coverage and quality of inclusive education. They work in the cowork of ColungaHUB.

For effective teaching bet Course Advice, who use the holidays as an instance to deliver innovative knowledge to students between 12 and 18 years old, and improve the reading skills of children from Kindergarten to 4th grade. They also have a web platform for teachers, with entertaining, innovative and challenging courses. They are currently part of the ColungaHUB community.

Photo Summer Academy Course Advice

Through the creation of projects to improve the community, Diaper encourages students from 13 to 17 years to be agents of change active in their school and environment. This organization is the winner of the 2016 Strengthening Fund and is also part of the ColungaHUB community. He works to develop in his students the competencies of collaborative work, strategic thinking, perseverance, self-knowledge, curiosity and empathy.

And if we are talking about the formation of young leaders, Young Science It has a lot to say. They are members of ColungaHUB since 2016 and work to transform scientific education and train young leaders who actively participate in society through science, technology, engineering and mathematics in Chile, Argentina and Latin America.

Finally, so that students can reach higher education in Chile, Foundation for a Career works in support in vocational guidance and application for scholarships and benefits available to access and remain in the system. They are active members of the ColungaHUB community.

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