David Alonso and Teresa Matus spoke with organizations of the Red Colunga

July 3, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

We live an interesting dialogue, in Colunga Foundation, together with the Spanish academic, David Alonso, Doctor in Social Work at the Faculty of Social Work of the Complutense University of Madrid and Teresa Matus, Director of Social Work of the University of Chile, within the framework of the support and accompaniment activities of the Social Development Program of Colunga.

What are the challenges of social intervention from an innovation approach? We talked about this issue together with organizations in our network.

"Many models of the social sciences have thought that the problem was in the subject, and that the subject had to be fixed to be able to adapt to the environment, when what really needs to be thought is that the structure is not working well . It is important that we also think that the dimensions with which we have to work have to do with structural issues, we must transform the structures, "said David Alonso.

While Teresa Matus reflected that the concept of innovation is linked to failure, social innovation must be attentive to discovering them. This is fundamental because you can only fix something when it is failing. "There is a Japanese tradition that does not hide the fault, but highlights it, the broken pottery is joined with gold and silver, this is how we should think," says the Director of Social Work at the University of Chile. And he adds: "I can not look at the whole fault, it's impossible, I just have to look at what I have a proposal to face it."

The Spanish academic also emphasized that when interventions are implemented without adapting them to the territory, this is a problem, because you have to see the realities of the contexts and involve the other so that they turn out well. "It is important to see what things are of interest to people in order to transform their reality," said David.

The organizations were able to resolve their doubts about the implementation of the innovations, how to take them to the local level, among other topics.

On the dialogue, David Alonso said: "It seems fundamental to me that the people who are intervening can tell the things they are doing because that allows them to see each other. It is important that a community bond be established that can resolve the circumstances where one can not reach. By sharing with the other, the other can also say what things can improve. Then, each one can take a couple of ideas that make him resonate and make him think a little about the work that each one does ".

The organizations Creating Curious, Fundación Itaca, Jesuit Migrants Service, Project B, Santa Ana Foundation, Teacher Encouragement, Honeycomb, Ideas for Children and Fundación Fútbol Más, Acto Foundation and Súmate Foundation participated.

A meeting that allowed to share views and learn together.

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