Cordial welcome to the new organizations of ColungaHUB

June 15, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

An interconnection meeting we lived in ColungaHUB, where we met the new members of the community and the work focus of the organizations that join. 

Bienvenida a nuevas organizaciones de ColungaHUB

At the meeting, the organizations that make up the ColungaHUB community were able to connect with each other, in order to improve the collaboration and synergies of this learning community that brings together civil society.

"We are very happy because these new organizations are joining the work we are doing to build a different society, a society that is related from respect and dignity. The invitation is to meet us to be able to collaborate, "he said. Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of the Colunga Foundation.

These are the new organizations of the ColungaHUB community:

Hug you
Institution whose work is carried out directly with adolescents and young people in the street, with the purpose of carrying out a transformation process in their life that allows them to reinsert themselves into society. Its main lines of action are education in art, crafts, sports and self-management.
Location: Cowork white, floor 2

International interdisciplinary organization that takes territories as environments that educate, with learning tools and citizen activation. Through different strategies they want to empower communities with their tools to participate in the construction of the city.
Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Adoption Support
This foundation wants to make adoption more visible as a way of making family. It seeks to involve different sectors of society to work together, and with the necessary urgency, to improve the reality of adoption in Chile, considering as a priority the best interests of the child.
Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Be Hope
Movement of people for people whose engine is hope. This foundation has created an application so that those who want to help and transform someone's life can do so with a single click.
Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Children's Foundation Chile
Non-profit organization, designed to create social awareness, promote and claim the rights of children and their families, for the recovery of their dignity.
Location: Cowork white, floor 2

Engineers Without Borders Chile
Institution that seeks to exploit the social potential of Engineering and form a collaborative network that develops projects that improve the quality of life of people.
Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Technological NGO that supports and promotes the development of local intervention projects based on science, technology and innovation, created by children from vulnerable contexts in the country. The above, with the purpose of being the agents of transformation that the world needs.
Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Sembrar Futuro Foundation
They work with children and adolescents who live in homes of the Sename network, so that they can be agents of change in their own lives.
Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Unes Chile Foundation
Institution of social education, whose main objective is to educate with excellence, young people who for different reasons did not complete their basic and secondary education, through education programs for work.
Location: Cowork red, floor -1

Woman get up
Organization that promotes the dignity of women deprived of liberty and works to restore their rights as people, has once again become part of the ColungaHUB community.
Location: Office floor 2

If you want to meet the organizations of the Colunga Network, enter here.

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