Discussion at ColungaHUB addressing the Challenges of Civil Society before the Results CASEN 2015

October 21, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

More than 30 organizations participated in the Casen Conversator 2015: "From the path of the Civil Society"; The event was organized by ColungaHUB together with the collaboration of América Solidaria and Pública Base, and was carried out in the HUB Colunga.

The welcome was delivered by Fe Sánchez, Director of ColungaHUB, who stressed that interest in the data of the Casen 2015, becomes essential to improve the interventions of organizations, precisely at a time when potential impact on public policy is relieved and the mobilizing force that civil society possesses.

On the occasion, the Undersecretary of Social Evaluation, Heidi Berner, presented the new methodology used in this survey Casen 2015, which in addition to measuring poverty by income, works in a multidimensional line.

In this regard, the undersecretary noted that in the survey "we found decreases in income poverty, but we have broadened the view with environment and networks, and in that sense, we are concerned about 4.5% of people who are in poverty by multidimensional income. . That is why we are moving towards this form of targeting. " And concluded that "without a doubt, we still have high and persistent inequality rates, it is good news that there has been an improvement, however, we consider that it is absolutely relevant to continue working," Heidi Berner emphasized.

Debate with panel of experts

A diverse panel of experts, consisting of the Undersecretary of Social Evaluation, Heidi Berner; the President of América Solidaria, Benito Baranda; deputy Felipe Kast and the researcher at the Center for Conflict Studies and Social Cohesion, Claudia Sanhueza, discussed the role of civil society in measuring poverty, and how to move forward in having more effective indicators. This panel was conducted and moderated by the Executive Director of América Solidaria Internacional, Sebastián Zulueta.

In response to the question of whether the Casen 2015 methodology is truly measuring poverty in Chile, Benito Baranda indicated that "in multidimensional poverty there are elements with which we are still on the right side in terms of quality, particularly in education".

In that sense, Claudia Sanhueza indicated regarding the multidimensionality variables that "in a society where everything is translated into income, of course it becomes relevant, but it becomes a vicious circle, because I begin to omit the rest of the social rights. The theme is precisely to introduce this visibility of the rest of the social policies, which goes beyond consumption, "said the researcher.

While, on the role of civil society in overcoming poverty, Felipe Kast commented that "they have much to do, and we have much to do politicians to take this alliance seriously. I know that they can help us in a very complex coverage, and a formula to return the State to citizens is to create an alliance with responsibility and make them part of that public sector. "

Plenary of Civil Society

The attending organizations shared experiences and reflected on how the results of the Casen 2015 survey can be used, from civil society, to improve their interventions and reformulate their objectives based on what the communities involved need.

The plenary session was attended by Leonardo Moreno, Executive Director of the Foundation for the Overcoming of Poverty, who explained some of the complexities of the concept of multidimensional poverty, that is, what is hidden behind the figures of the measurements of poverty. La Casen 2015, and how organizations can use these indicators.

In this regard, Leonardo Moreno indicated that one of the capacity to improve in the soc. civil is the capacity to handle the microdata that they need so much to be able to carry out more effective territorial works.

This second part was conducted by the Executive Director of the Public Base, Nicolás Cruz.

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