Conversation in Colunga: The indelible marks of the Sename

May 15, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The journalist Rosario Moreno, and author of the book "Huellas Imborrables", was invited by the cultural management group, Urban art, to talk about the impressive testimonies that he rescued, together with a group of students, from inside the Sename.

The meeting held at Fundación Colunga was attended by Mariana Aylwin, former Minister of State; Benito Baranda, Executive President of América Solidaria and Director of Fundación Colunga; Ximena Ossandón, deputy, and Delia del Gatto, General Manager of Fundación Mi Casa, among other attendees.

"The good thing about the book is that it shows a 360 degree panorama. There was no self-censorship, the testimonies are strong but that is what really happens in Chilean society and that is a merit, because there comes a minute when we have to shake Chile and this book is useful for that, "said the University's academic. Developing.

In the discussion, Rosario Moreno He recounted how the creation of the book "Imborrable Traces", which brings together 85 testimonies, narrated in first person, of children, parents, judges, gendarmes, directors and officials of Sename centers.

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