Conversation addresses intervention experiences in education through the HIP HOP methodology

January 6, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The NGO Social Hip Hop Chile grouped various initiatives and references from Chile and Latin America, in an interesting conversation on Hip Hop & Education in Colunga HUB.

Comparing experiences, generating debate and contributing to the construction of movement was the objective of the first discussion organized by the NGO Social Hip Hop, called "Hip Hop & Education: Experiences in school and community contexts", carried out in ColungaHUB at the end of December.

The activity attracted a large number of attendees and featured interesting guests. like the philosophy professor, sociologist and rapper, Jucka Anchieta (Brazilian nationality), who shared his experience in the public schools of the State of Sao Paulo, where he educates through marginal literature and rap. From the commune of Conchalí, one of the most recognized masters of ceremony in Chile was present, Spokesman (Andi Ferrer Millanao), presented about rap in the construction of popular culture and the relevance of the role of the MC as an educator.

"We want to identify hip hop as a professional intervention tool and show how each one, from their spaces, can build the consolidation of a hip hop movement that brings us together. At this moment there are a lot of experiences but they are isolated and the idea is to make them visible ", commented Nelson Rojas, Executive Director of Social NGO Hip Hop Chile.

Jucka Anchieta and Nelson Rojas

The discussion included the presentation of the Collective Child Resistance, a Pudahuel Sur group that attended the meeting with the children of the organization, and shared their experiences of anti-adult-centered education in community contexts. For their part, representatives of the NGO Social Hip Hop Chile, Javiera Drenka and Felipe Subdialecto, presented the challenges and results of the "Hip Hop ED Project, intervention experience in school educational contexts", held in Peñalolén schools with the support of the 2015 Colunga Foundation Social Innovation Fund.

During the year 2017, the NGO Social Hip Hop Chile intends to hold more conversations, where experiences, both Chilean and Latin American, are made visible in the area of innovation in education through hip hop.

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