Meet the selected ones for the final investment table of Emprende el Viaje

January 5, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

After an arduous process of evaluation, where members of the Council of Social Innovation of Colunga participated, the 13 initiatives were selected that this Thursday, January 12, must defend their project before an investment table that will choose the final winners of this call for projects. of Social Innovation.

After living two intense learning workshops, carried out during the months of October and November 2016, the 30 selected teams of Emprende el Viaje had the opportunity to apply what they had learned and reformulate their projects together with mentors who supported them to improve your initiatives

Once the reformulation of each project was done, they were members of the Colunga team and the Innovation Council, who had the task of evaluating the initiatives and selecting the 13 that this Thursday have their presentation before the investment table of Colunga.

Remember that these teams will have the opportunity to make a brief presentation on January 12, before an evaluating commission, which will have the difficult task of choosing the final winners of the Call for Social Innovation. Start the Journey.

We thank all the teams that have participated in this great call!


Meet the 13 selected:

1.-Free School Project "Children's Society"
Organization: CSC San Gerardo - Región Metropolitana

2.- Abyssal Art Project for people with disabilities
Organization Cultural Corporation Almereida - V Region of Valparaíso

3.- Firm String Project: Circus to transform
Organization: NGO the Circus of the World in Chile - Metropolitan Region

4. Neighborly Deal Treatment Project: Domestic Pegas
Organization: Treating made neighbor - Metropolitan Region

5. Cerro Merced Playroom Project
Organization: Minga Valpo Foundation - Valparaíso Region

6. Young Science Academies Project
Organization: Young Science Foundation - Metropolitan Region

7. Project Astrolab
Organization: Cielos del Sur Foundation - IX Region of Araucanía

8. Classroom Movement Project; for good teaching
Organization: Classroom Movement - Metropolitan Region

9. Project Because I fell in love with you: Patrimonial Learning for Andean children and adults
Organization: Altiplano Monseñor Salas Valdés Foundation - XV de Arica y Parinacota

10. Project No Project
Organization: Own Project Foundation - Metropolitan Region

11. Cachapoal Heritage School Project
Organization: Escuela Patrimonial Cachapoal - VI Region of Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins

12. Hiking project as a factor of social inclusion
Organization: Q'Aphaña Trekking - Metropolitan Region

13. Project The Practice makes the Teacher: Promoting a cultural change from the Classroom
Organization: Teaching Impulse - Metropolitan Region


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