The first days of the Innovation Workshops of Emprende El Viaje conclude successfully

October 28, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

OCTOBER 28, 2016

After a three-day work day, together with sixty innovators from 13 regions of the country, we finished the first day of workshops that gave the teams tools related to the evaluation of their needs, the definition of their objectives, the identification of the key players in their network map and the strategic use of their Social Capital.

"Our commitment to the Colunga Foundation is in you, in the social innovators, in the people who have big dreams and who transmit that passion and dedication. Thank you for allowing us to share these three days with you, for opening your ideas and your projects, "says Karina Abusleme, Coordinator of the Innovative Fund of the Colunga Foundation.

At the same time, Paulina Rojas, Coordinator of the Colunga Social Investment Fund (FIS), stressed that this was a highly participatory and very experienced group to live the experience and knowledge. "It's very interesting because you can design your experience as something powerful and remover, but that is not complete without the group, without the people who live the experience." In this sense, the Coordinator of the FIS said that "the teams had a great capacity to deepen their initiatives, to rethink (...) I think they are giving a return to their project, and that has been our great intention since We started to live this trip. "

Between November 22 and 24, the second day of Learning Workshops will take place, where innovators can continue with this intense training, however, during this time they will be able to continue the trip with their mentors.

Meeting between innovators and mentors

In a celebration of the closing of the first day of Learning Workshops, the innovators met their mentors, who aim to be a guide that shares experiences, opens possibilities and catalyzes the process of collective creation of each team.

Among the selected mentors, who will accompany the 30 teams, we can find leading figures from the world of innovation, such as Luis Ossa, Executive Director of Acción Solidaria del Hogar de Cristo; Guillermo Rolando, Executive Director of Fútbol Más; Emilia González, Head of Development of New Projects of Fundación Chile; Juan Pablo Venegas, Executive Director of Project B; Juan Covarrubias, Deputy Director of CoLab UC, and Valeska Véliz, Executive Director of Educa Araucanía and winner of the 2015 Innovative Fund of Fundación Colunga.

The mentors will meet with the teams at least twice during these weeks, in which they will have specific tasks that will facilitate the conversation between them and their assigned teams.


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