ComunidadMujer recognizes leaders who contribute to gender equality

March 9, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

In a new commemoration of the International Day of Working Women, ComunidadMujer distinguished women and men who, with their work and leadership in various fields, have become role models, and who with their work and life example contribute to the promotion of gender equality in the country.

The activity, held at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, counted with the participation of the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, state ministers, ambassadors, authorities, prominent women, representatives of international organizations and academia, social and opinion leaders. of various areas of national, political and social, among other guests.

Esperanza Cueto, president of ComunidadMujer, referred in her speech to the advances in the gender agenda in the country and the need to install a reflection on how to contribute to closing the existing gaps for the achievement of a more inclusive society. "In the last year we have witnessed an unprecedented worldwide movement, of vindication of rights, of equality and justice towards women. Sexual harassment, sexist violence and discrimination have made headlines around the world and taken the political, economic and social agenda, questioning the prevailing culture with a determined and growing force in favor of the change that urges us and that is the basis of a democratic society. We need to transform all this momentum into decisive advances and, therefore, it is necessary and positive to recognize those who are making relevant contributions to cross borders, "he said.

Meet the recognized this 2018:

  • Isabel Plant, Sofia García-Huidobro, Fernanda Claro and Concepción Quintana, creators of Mujeres Bacanas, for the visibility and promotion of feminine leaderships and role models for women and girls.
  • Claudia Dides Castillo, executive director of MILES Chile, for their contribution in advancing the human, social and political rights of women.
  • Eric Parrado Herrera, superintendent of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile, for its work for the empowerment and economic autonomy of women in our country.
  • Marcela Henríquez Aravena, Language teacher 15 years ago at the polyvalent high school Carlos Montané Castro de Quirihue, VII region, the first Chilean to be in the top 50 of the Global Teacher Prize recognition, for his leadership in the field of education and his teaching vocation and dedication in the development of talents in the young girls and girls of the country.
  • Antonella Estévez Baeza, director of FEMCINE, for its work in the promotion, promotion and visibility of women leaders in the arts.
  • Maritza Soledad Musaja Juli, president of the group "Arica sin Fronteras", for his contribution to the promotion of the rights of migrants in Chile.
  • Josefina Errázuriz Aguirre, founder of "Trabajo para un Hermano", for its contribution to overcoming the poverty of women and the promotion of work as a source of development and human dignity.
  • The journalists Francisca Skoknic, Andrea Insunza and Paula Molina, creators of LaBot, for the visibility of women in communications through technology and social innovation.


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