ComunidadMujer conducts workshop on gender perspective in social interventions in ColungaHUB

June 29, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The meeting was attended by the Undersecretary of Social Evaluation, Heidi Berner, who presented the main results of the Casen Gender Equality Survey 2015.

The workshop "The gender perspective as a category of analysis for social intervention", was conducted by ComunidadMujer with the support of ColungaHUB, and aimed to deliver the necessary tools to civil society organizations, for the creation and execution of social interventions Consider the gender perspective.

The meeting brought together organizations belonging to the community of ColungaHUB and civil society in general, where the Undersecretary of Social Assessment, Heidi Berner, provided relevant indicators of the Casen Gender Equality Survey 2017, especially related to the economic autonomy of women and gender inequality.

"We believe that in any case we must move towards a cultural change, so that women and girls can exercise and enjoy their rights fully and live without discrimination," said the Undersecretary.  

In addition, the Undersecretary emphasized other challenges in the area of gender equity, related to the 2030 Agenda, such as: Having a greater participation of women in decision-making positions in economic, social and political spheres; Expand the prevention, care and protection of all forms of violence against women; and Reduce gender gaps, especially in the labor and social security sector, taking into account the diversity of women living in Chile, and intending the co-responsibility between men and women in care and domestic work.

Alejandra Sepúlveda, Executive Director of ComunidadMujer, highlighted the importance of sharing this knowledge with civil society organizations, especially those that are part of ColungaHUB. "The organizations that are in this HUB, most of us are foundations that do many interventions in the field, and definitely the gender perspective is a super important category when designing and implementing projects," he said.

Workshop: The gender perspective as a category of analysis for social intervention

The workshop, conducted by Jessica González, Project Director of ComunidadMujer, began with the sharing of concepts such as social intervention and gender, to then put these conceptual definitions into practice.

On social intervention, he stressed that this is not neutral, and like social policies, affect women and men differently, it is for this reason that the gender perspective must be taken into account when designing them.  

"Let's always think that not only because of working with women, an intervention with a gender focus is being carried out," he said. Jessica González, and stressed that "Social intervention with a gender perspective, necessarily has to question gender norms, we must stress them so that there is a cultural transformation".

If you want to know more about the development of projects with a gender focus, we share the link of the Guide for the Elaboration of Projects, made by ComunidadMujer.

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