ComunidadMujer launches a guide for the elaboration of projects with a gender focus

June 5, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The purpose of the document is to strengthen the self-management capacity of organizations, through the delivery of tools that contribute to the elaboration of projects that respond to the problems identified by the community.

Photo: ComunidadMujer

In order to publicize the guide, ComunidadMujer developed the workshop "The value of the gender perspective in the elaboration of projects", activity carried out in ColungaHUB together with representatives of territorial organizations, civil society, foundations and project leaders, who acquired relevant tools to incorporate the gender perspective in the development of their social initiatives and shared valuable experiences on the challenges they face day to day in their work.

"The gender approach is fundamental to look at the social reality and develop projects that do not reproduce roles and stereotypes assigned to women and men. Because with the projects we seek to transform the conditions of inequality, "said the rapporteur of this instance, Jessica González, Director of the Leadership Center of ComunidadMujer.

Photo: ComunidadMujer

Download the guide here

Source: CommunityWomen 

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