ComunidadMujer gives recognition to those who contribute to the advance and promotion of gender equity in the country

March 8, 2019
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CommunityWomen led a new act to commemorate the International Day of Working Women, a ceremony in tribute to all women that has become one of its most recognized and valued institutional events.

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The activity was held at noon at the GAM Cultural Center with the participation of the ministers of Women and Gender Equity, Isabel Plá and Sports, Pauline Kantor, the undersecretaries Carolina Cuevas Y Monica Zalaquett, among other high authorities, union leaders, parliamentarians, prominent women, representatives of international organizations, civil society and academia, social leaders and opinion leaders from different areas of national work.

Mercedes Ducci Budge, President of ComunidadMujer, referred in her speech to the relevance of this commemoration, the need to take charge of the historical moment that the women's movement lives and to install a reflection on the deep gender gaps that affect women in Chile.

"Every March 8, we remember the courage of the women who opened the way for us in a world that excluded us and that, in many areas, still excludes us. But this year, it is impossible to ignore the power and impact that this date has acquired. Women all over the world have organized themselves so that it is known - through artistic interventions and communication campaigns, in calls for marches and strikes - that inequality, not by custom, is acceptable. And from different paths we look at our reality and we agree to say no, it is not acceptable. We do not accept inequality as normal, "Mercedes said.

Photo: ComunidadMujer

The ambassador of the European Union in Chile, Stella Zervoudaki, highlighted the importance of the participation of women in the development of countries, relating it with justice, efficiency and resilient societies. "Women are the basis of inclusive economic growth, of sustainable development. Equality and the inclusion of women are the basis of democracy, freedom and justice. "

Esperanza Cueto, President of the Colunga Foundation, she pointed out that there are still struggles to give for equality: "This day allows us to reflect on how much we need to move forward to achieve a more egalitarian society. We long for substantive representation in all areas of power and decision-making, full economic participation, family and social co-responsibility in the tasks of care, education free of stereotypes, but above all a life free of violence against women " .

Distinctions 2019

Within the framework of the ceremony, this year ComunidadMujer distinguished women, men and organizations that, with their work and leadership in various fields, have become role models and with their work and life example contribute to the promotion of the gender equality in the country.

The recognitions went to the following people:

  1. The lawyers Carolina Fuensalida, Magdalena Atria, Carmen Domínguez, María de los Ángeles Coddou, Libertad Triviño, Loreto Bresky and Elisa Walker, for conquering the gender parity in the competition and election of the Council of the Bar Association in Chile.
  2. Tomás Honorato Estévez, executive director of Fundación Honra, for contributing to the prevention of gender violence, promoting good treatment in relationships and new masculinities.
  3. Adriana Valdés Budge, the first woman to lead the Chilean Academy of Language, for her example and leadership to open new spaces for women in this field.
  4. Barbarita Lara Martínez, first Chilean recognized by MIT among the sub 35 innovators, for their contribution to the leadership and visibility of women in STEM and technological ventures.
  5. The companies adhering to the Gender Parity Initiative (IPG), Falabella Chile and L'Oreal Chile, for its commitment and action to close the economic gender gaps in Chile.
  6. Chilean Women's Soccer Team, to inspire with passion the new generations to break down barriers and dream without limits.

The event was also attended by the group Dulce y Agraz, a band led by the Chilean singer-songwriter Daniela González

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