ComunidadMujer commemorates a new Women's Day distinguishing gender equality

March 9, 2017
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  • The President of the Republic, ministers and state ministers, ambassadors, prominent women, representatives of international organizations, social and opinion leaders, among other guests participated in the activity.
  • "These 15 years of intense work make us even more committed to continue promoting and promoting the necessary and urgent cultural transformation," Esperanza Cueto, president of ComunidadMujer, said in her speech.

In tribute to the seven million women who work inside and outside their homes in Chile, ComunidadMujer today led a new act to commemorate the International Day of Working Women.

The activity was held at noon at the Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center with the participation of the President of the Republic, state ministers, ambassadors, authorities, prominent women, representatives of international organizations and academia, social and opinion leaders of various areas of national, political and social, among other guests.

Esperanza Cueto, president of ComunidadMujer, indicated that this commemoration is propitious to reflect on how to move towards the essential goals for sustainable development in the area of gender. "And also to remember the pioneers in the conquest of women's rights, those who fought and fight for legal equality, for the right to elect and be elected, to transform culture and society. To all those who day by day play a role in the construction of our history, our deepest admiration, "he said.

With regard to the organization's 15 years of experience in this year, Cueto said: "We have promoted debates that question the most obvious and also the least visible barriers for the full participation of women in the public world; We have created programs that allow us to work with the dilemmas of Life and Work integration, social capital in grassroots women's organizations, promote gender diversity in organizations, strengthen women in their leadership as professionals, entrepreneurs, social leaders and policies These 15 years of intense work commit us even more strongly to continue promoting and promoting the necessary and urgent cultural transformation, "he said.

During the meeting, ComunidadMujer distinguished seven leaders, men and women who have contributed from their spaces to the empowerment, advancement and promotion of gender equity in Chile. The recognized of this year are:

- Marina Ascencio Muñoz, an 11-year-old student who in 2016 sent a letter to the authorities asking to enter the National Institute, despite being exclusive for men, opening an intense debate about it.

María Teresa Ruiz González, outstanding Chilean astronomer, the only woman to obtain the National Exact Sciences Award, president of the Chilean Academy of Sciences. Woman pioneer in breaking the glass ceiling in the sciences and architect of the approach of her specialty in schools.

– Jessica López Saffie, executive general manager of BancoEstado, who has led the gender parity initiatives within the company and the programs that enhance the economic autonomy of the bank's users.

Juan Manuel Astorga Sánchez, communicator of radio and television, distinguished by positioning and making visible in thematic media such as gender violence, wage gap between women and men and biases in education.

Valentina Norambuena Guzmán, young man who got double national score in the last PSU, and the third woman to represent our country in the Ibero-American Mathematics Olympiad.

Lidia Casas Becerra, director of the DDHH Center of the Diego Portales University and an expert in women's human rights, focused on the study of issues such as sexual and reproductive rights, promotion of a life free of violence, among others.

Trinidad Inostroza Castro, director of ChileCompra, distinguished by incorporating the gender approach in public procurement by promoting the inclusion of women in this market, and thus increasing the active participation of suppliers.

The event was also attended by the outstanding national artist Francisca Valenzuela, who paid a tribute to the women present and recognized in a special way the singer-songwriter Violeta Parra, singing her well-known song Run Run went pal norte.

Source: CommunityWomen 

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