ComunidadMujer celebrates its 15th anniversary with a book documenting gender inequality in the life cycle of women in Chile

April 27, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

As part of its political and transversal action for the installation of the gender agenda and the advancement of women's rights in the country, ComunidadMujer presents # LasNiñasPueden, a book that compiles its trajectory and vision on the challenges of equality, in all the generations.

It is an informed and diverse look at the reality of women in Chile and the inequities they face throughout their life cycle. A choral story, in the voice of outstanding women, that draws their experiences in different areas. It is a journey through history, the advances in these years and the large debts that we face as a society.

Lanzamiento #LasNiñasPueden

In more than 15 years of experience, ComunidadMujer has been a relevant actor in public discussion, pressing for the installation of public and corporate policies to achieve greater equality quotas and a better representation of women in spaces of power and decision making.

Since its transversality, it has led relevant public-private partnerships, links with international organizations, civil society, academia and opinion leaders. "Our work has pushed for a cultural and social transformation that makes us a country that does not discriminate against women. This book is a contribution, a look to the future, to the modern and inclusive society that we want to build for the new generations, "says Esperanza Cueto, president of ComunidadMujer.

Essays, interviews, articles, experiences of social change and a myriad of images, art and archives reflect how we were, how we are and where we can move forward to achieve a real equality of rights and opportunities between women and men, a mission that has marked the trajectory of CommunityMujer.

# LasNiñasPueden is, therefore, an anthology that in its chapters Born, Grow, Work, Lead and Grow old links history with the present and future, presents widely and in a very graphic way the data that express gender inequality, the look and feel of vision of diverse women, from reflection to denunciation, in a set of voices with a powerful message to society.

Michelle Bachelet, Lidia Casas, María Teresa Ruiz, Mónica Echeverría, Marta Cruz Coke, Kena Lorenzini, María José Cumplido, June García, María Elena Wood, Paula Escobar, Consuelo Saavedra, Patricia Politzer, Sonia Montecino, Isabel Behncke, Cecilia García-Huidobro , Ana María Stuven, Anita Holuigue, Andrea Repetto, Alejandra Sepúlveda, Sofia Barahona, Marcela Ríos and Alejandra Mustakis, are some of the women who reflect on such important topics as: why girls do not choose to study science and technology, be mother too soon, sexual and reproductive rights, violence against women and girls, the courage to bet on parity, the indispensable participation of men in care, the look of immigrants, the voice of policies and business leaders, women and social fabric, inequality in old age, among others.

"This book is a tribute to the pioneers in the conquest of women's rights, to the women of today, with whom we build this community, and to the girls, our future generations of women," concludes Esperanza Cueto.

Source: CommunityWomen 

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