ComunidadMujer opens a Responsible Fund for projects that promote equality between women and men

April 10, 2017
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Up to May 12, all the projects of formal and informal organizations that are formed by more than 50% of women can be submitted, which, in addition, must be part of the directive of said organization.

Organizations throughout Chile can now apply to the "Social Capital: Women for Equity Concursible Fund", presenting projects that promote equal opportunities between women and men.

The initiative, with 11 years of experience, and with the support of Lipigas, will provide the winning organizations with support in the implementation of their projects, mentoring to strengthen their management and support for the generation of communication strategies and networks, besides the economic resources for its execution.

In these years of experience, the Fund has awarded 43 organizations from all over the country. Likewise, more than 2,300 applications have been received, of which 70% come from regions. "Throughout these years, territorial organizations have shown us the potential of the relationships of trust and reciprocity that can occur in a community that is organized around a shared interest," he says. Esperanza Cueto, president of ComunidadMujer.

In the 2016 version of this fund, he highlighted the project led by the Network of Monitors against Violence of Lo Prado, a group of women who sought to make visible, through a series of murals, the different types of gender violence. The initiative allowed them to position themselves as an organization in the commune, projecting their local leadership on gender issues and gathering the support of different authorities.

"Thanks to the Fondo de ComunidadMujer, we were able to make ourselves visible as a network, make our objective known and generate a debate in the community about the violence suffered by women. Also, we saw the impact of the murals among the neighbors, who now come to us to ask for information or tell us, for example, about someone who suffers violence, "they say from this organization.

About the trajectory of the initiative, Esperanza Cueto maintains: "We have found stories of incredible and empowered women, who tell us about Chile that we can build together, one that integrates and innovates from the social. There is courage, soul, courage in the projects and an important purpose: to work for women and girls, from the most diverse contexts and realities ".


Until the Friday, May 12 can apply to this Fund projects of formal and informal organizations that are formed by more than 50% of women, who, in addition, must be part of the directive of said organization. To do this they must complete the next form and send it by mail to the mail On the same website, organizations will find the technical and administrative bases of the Fund, as well as the Guide for the Elaboration of Projects.

One of the innovations of the Fund is that this year it incorporates two categories to apply. The first, "Activate your community", for projects lasting 3 months (maximum), which includes participation in 4 workshops on gender, leadership, project management and evaluation; support in the management of networks and financing of up to $ 1,000,000 for the execution of the project. The second, "Mobiliza tu comunidad", for projects of 5 months duration (maximum), participation in 5 gender training workshops, leadership, management, project evaluation and mapping of social actors, support in the management of networks and financing up to $ 3,000,000 for the execution of the project.

For its dissemination, the Fund has the collaboration of: Ministry of Women and Gender Equity, Division of Social Organizations (DOS), PRODEMU, Chilean Association of Municipalities, Overcoming Poverty Foundation, America Solidaria, Hogar de Cristo, Colunga Foundation, Fútbol Más, Fondo Esperanza, Community of Solidarity Organizations, Radio Biobío and Diario La Estrella.

Source: CommunityWomen 

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