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How would you transform Chile?

September 4, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

In the celebrations of National Holidays, many plan happy roasts, traditional dances or Creole games. However, we also believe that it is important to take advantage of this period to reflect on the challenges we still have as a society.

Moving towards inclusive development for all who inhabit this territory is a joint task. Therefore, from the Observatory Against Harassment Chile (OCAC), Fundación Interpreta, Fundación Infancia Primero and Fundación Mis Talentos shared what their vision is about what they would like to transform in Chile.

María José Guerrero is President of the Observatory Against Harassment Chile (OCAC), an organization that works to accommodate a citizen demand that requires safe spaces free of sexual violence. In this regard, María José emphasizes the profound challenge of solving this problem:

“To transform Chile it is urgent to move towards a non-sexist education, modifying the gender paradigm and questioning the social bases of its reproduction. This is the necessary step to promote the diversity of all people. ”

Interpretative Foundation It seeks to improve the situation of the migration context in Chile through social innovation, using technology and communications in the construction of a more tolerant and diverse society. Tomás Lawrence, President of the organization, points out the importance of transforming social contexts:

“From Interpreta, we fight so that the reproduction of hate speech and discrimination, for the sole fact of being different, does not exist. Therefore, we believe that the transformation of Chile must start with people, analyzing the expressions that are being generated in the new public-digital spaces, and thus promoting that the conversations enrich our context and develop a critical look at our society. Together we can transform, in a positive way, the reality in Chile ”.

First Childhood Foundation It is dedicated to promoting the development of children between 0 and 4 years in vulnerable sectors, with the main focus being the strengthening and support of their caregivers in the task of parenting. María de los Ángeles Castro, Executive Director of the Foundation, believes that it is essential to support families to reduce inequality gaps in our country:

“It would transform Chile by strengthening families, giving them concrete tools so that they can enhance the development of their daughters and sons. In this way, children can access more and better opportunities to deploy all their capacities and build a less unequal, more respectful, fraternal and just society. ”

Contributing to equal opportunities for children and young people with special educational needs, is the objective that has My Talents Foundation, by increasing the coverage and quality of inclusive education. That's why, for Isabel Zúñiga, President of the organization, the transformation that our country requires is in the classrooms:

“It would make all classrooms in Chile reflect the richness of the diversity we have, because by sharing with it, our children will learn to know and value it. Thus, when they reach adults, they will talk about living together instead of inclusion. ”

From Fundación Colunga we join the commitment to promote a more just society, promoting innovative projects that transform our country. And you, how would you transform Chile?

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