How do CSOs help build a country? Meeting "Society in Action" in Colunga

November 6, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Encuentro Proyecto Sociedad en Acción junto a Red Colunga

A space for reflection was lived in Colunga, where more than 30 representatives of social organizations met to discuss the challenges that civil society has according to the results of the Society in Action Project. "Building Chile from civil society organizations".

The purpose of the invitation was to deepen the data to promote the development and impact of the third sector. The activity counted with the presentation of Ignacio Irarrázaval, Director of the Center for Public Policy UC, and with the comments of Pablo Walker SJ, chaplain of Hogar de Cristo.

"In Chile there are 13 organizations per thousand inhabitants - more than in Australia and the United States. Civil society mobilizes, creates social capital, but talks about a structural component the number of organizations. Another thing is the cognitive component, how much these organizations mobilize me, then the doubt that one has is, are we creating fictitiously? ", Reflected Ignacio Irarrázaval.  

For his part, Pablo Walker emphasized the challenge of territorial work in the most vulnerable populations, in relation to the density of social organizations, sources of income, the impact of volunteering and the size of organizations.

During the meeting, the attendees were also able to share reflections on the strengthening and articulation of civil society.

About Society in Action

Sociedad en Acción is an initiative of the UC Public Policy Center and the Chile + Hoy Foundation, which has the support of Fundación Colunga, and whose strategic objective is to highlight the importance of civil society in Chile, through the gathering of evidence, data and indicators that allow observing it and positioning it as a topic of public interest.


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