How does the theory of change impact on social projects?

May 11, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

We talked with the winners of the Emprende El Viaje 2017 call about the advances they have had together with the Colunga Laboratory.

For three weeks the organizations worked on their theories of change, to advance more effectively in the purpose of their organization. This is the first task they developed in the framework of the Consolidation process together with the Colunga Social Innovation Laboratory. 

"The theory of change comes to give more strength to what we have done a long time ago, contrast other experiences, and also forced us to conceptualize, in a very structured way, what we hope to transform in our community." Joaquín Oliva- Los Volantines Sports and Cultural Club - La Chimba Circus Social Project.

"It helped us understand how we can communicate all the information we are gathering for our project and eventually transform it into evidence, and helped us to have a systematization that is useful to us." Natalia Crispi - Los Volantines Sports and Cultural Club - La Chimba Circus Social Project.

Natalia and Joaquín - Club Deportivo y Cultural Los Volantines

"It was very interesting because it invites you to see all the levels of the project, from your maximum sleep to the result, through indicators, assumptions and risks. It is important to have this process in order to deepen the project itself ". Silvia Navarrete - ACTO Foundation - Trenzando San Rosendo Project.

Silvia and Daniela - ACTO Foundation

"We see the theory of change as a very positive contribution to our model. We incorporated several improvements and even activities that we did not have in mind ". Marcela Colombres - Creando Curiosos Foundation - Curioso Box Project.

"He helped us a lot to improve the project from the perspective of the actors involved in the project. We were able to see their needs and through that the activities and products that we needed to do. " Rosario Calderón - Creando Curiosos Foundation - Curioso Box Project.

Rosario and Marcela - Creando Curiosos Foundation

The process of Consolidation of the Laboratory of Social Innovation of Colunga seeks to strengthen and support teams in the development of their projects.

"During this second season we worked on the basal elements of our Laboratory. The first one is related to the communication of each of the projects and for this the teams had a space to exercise their speech, supported by all the participants. They then presented their work on Theory of Change and received feedback from the experts Anne Thibault Y Josefin Pasanen of JPAL-LAC. And as a third element is the incorporation of new content and in this opportunity we saw Models of Social Intervention with the Doctor in Social Work Karla González of the PUC. We are very happy with the progress of the projects and with the excellent disposition that each one of the participants has had ", comments Gabriel Nesvara, Coordinator of the Social Innovation Laboratory of Colunga.

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