How to make synergy between private financing and civil society?

September 25, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

Based on this question, Colunga and the Double Impact project held a meeting with civil society organizations to learn more about this responsible private financing option.

Doble Impacto is a Chilean banking project under construction, inspired by the experience of the European bank Triodos Bank, and that works with ethical banking guidelines in all its activities. They work to enhance the positive impact of the sectors of the economy that contribute to the quality of life of people and the care of the planet. Currently they have three areas of intervention: Environment, Social Development and Education and Culture. They have financed more than 50 projects in the country.

In the activity, carried out in Fundación Colunga, various social organizations participated: Fundación Más, Apoyo Adopción, Ciencia Joven, Por Una Carrera, America Solidaria, Best Buddies Chile, Smiles, CIDENI, Village, A Stop in the Desert, Infancia Primero, Proyecto Universal, Capability Lab and Course Council, who emphasized the possibility of making their causes visible to investors who not only seek economic profitability, but who are linked to the purpose of the initiatives.

"We believe that the way in which organizations are financed is part of the value chain. For us it is very important to contribute to this sector to develop, understand how the sector works and what the main challenges are, to look for models of financing that are sustainable and that allow them to consolidate in their areas, "he said. Alejandra Jaurés, responsible for the Double Impact Social Development and Inclusion Area.

From Colunga, Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of the foundation, stressed the importance of civil society being part of the process of creating this bank. "This is a great opportunity to talk about the needs we have in this sector and see how this bank can become a valid and coherent alternative financing. We bet because NGOs diversify their sources of income to achieve sustainability and the arrival of ethical banking in the country is an interesting step in that direction. "

Do you want to know more about this topic? Check the talk given by Joan Antoni Melé, member of the Advisory Board of Triodos Bank and promoter of the ethical banking:

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