How to bring social causes closer to citizens? Impact Communication Workshop delivers answers in ColungaHUB

April 26, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

Divided into three sessions, the Impact Communication Workshop organized by the Colunga Foundation and the Mapocho Foundation, provided useful tools for the construction of effective stories that the ColungaHUB organizations need to have.

To highlight the importance of knowing how to communicate a message that moves and invites a participation of the audience, was the central purpose of the workshop given by Fabian Schiaffino, Executive Director of Mapocho Foundation. Through the technique of Storytelling, which provides basic criteria on how to generate trust and emotional connection with the recipient, each participant worked his own speech based on the work carried out by his organization.

In the first session of three, a theoretical introduction was made to what was defined as impact communication, what are its objectives, the relevance of a good management of persuasion and the importance of knowing the motivations of the recipients. In the following days the assistants could solve their doubts and advance with small exercises that helped to identify the keys of their narrative.

The idea is that each team can have a basic training that allows them to face their different interest groups and achieve an effective participation of these in the fulfillment of their goals. The product, a presentation in TED format, where each organization shares in a few minutes its vision, mission and history, and that is able to invite the audience to fall in love with their cause.

This workshop is part of the numerous activities offered by the Innovation Center for members of ColungaHUB. It was attended by representatives of the Best Buddies foundations, Course Council, America Solidaria, Chomba, Aldea, Más Foundation, Engineers Without Borders, Abrazarte, Volunteers Network, My Talents and Colunga. The first two sessions were held on April 24 and 25 and will end on Wednesday, May 8.

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