The Kelmy Project began for the social integration of migrant children and adolescents

August 9, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

City of the Child Foundation beside Municipality of Central Station and Fundación Colunga initiated the "Kelmy" social integration project, which seeks to create a technological solution to support the processes of integration of migrant children and to develop intercultural capacities in local actors.

Upon arriving in the country, immigrants are faced with situations that may hinder their social integration. For this reason, it is essential to strengthen the support networks of this population, a process in which children and adolescents play a crucial role. 

In this context, Ciudad del Niño Foundation, together with the Municipality of Estación Central, carried out the launch of the "Kelmy Project", a technological solution for the integration of immigrant children. Project that has the support and funding of Fundación Colunga. The meeting was attended by students from various educational establishments in the district, both Chilean and foreign.

Through group dynamics, the Ciudad del Niño Foundation, together with Educa Switch, gathered the experiences of students in the face of cultural diversity and the integration of people of different nationalities. The important thing about this space and this project is that it invites children and adolescents to think about their lives and promote spaces and forms of integration.

To review today's activity, here is a gallery of images: 

Lanzamiento Proyecto Kelmy

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