Colunga is already part of the Dorapp network of social leaders!

May 19, 2020
Lya Muñoz Marchant

The initiative, which aims to connect organizations and people with good ideas, was officially launched today, and seeks to make relevant information available to create a social project and learn about the world of NGOs in Chile.

Dorapp is a free app, powered by Solidarity Action of Hogar de Cristo, which allows sharing experiences, receiving information and joining initiatives that seek to improve the Chile in which we live. A space where mobilizing ideas can be socialized in a collaborative environment and become reality.

That is why Colunga Foundation, With Transcend, Probono, Balloon Latam, Red de Voluntarios de Chile, Corporación Simón de Cirene, J-PAL, Red REASE, Jesuit Migrant Service, UNDP Chile, Community of Solidarity Organizations and Movidos x Chile, decided to join this initiative. The foundation expressed its gratitude to the Hogar de Cristo that, through Acción Solidaria, invited it to be part of this first group of organizations that will be present in this innovative application.

The dCommunity Director of Hogar de CristoPaulina Andrés, explains the motivation behind the application: “During the years that we have worked with Acción Solidaria together with different social organizations, we have discovered the richness and diversity of the experiences that arise directly from the territory. Dorapp was born to unify this active community of social leaders, in a virtual way, putting their knowledge at the service of those who are leaving with their solidarity initiatives, either as individuals or as organizations ”.

In addition, he says that Dorapp has the ability to unite large organizations with a solid track record with small initiatives that are beginning their development, always thinking that each member can contribute from their own history.

Finally, today the official launch was made through Google Play and the App Store, so it is now possible to download it at the following links:

Google Play:   

App Store: 


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