Colunga Transforma: 57 projects go to the next stage of the fund

April 17, 2020
Lya Muñoz

Today we announce, via email, the results of the admissibility stage of the fund Colunga Transforma.
We thank the 115 civil society organizations that presented their projects in this 2020 version, which seeks innovative solutions to various problems that affect children in our country. 

María Eugenia Díaz, Colunga Program Coordinator, highlights the participation of all the applicant organizations: “We have carried out a meticulous work to distinguish the proposals that are closest to the objectives of this call. All the projects received have enormous value, however, our mission is to find the ones that best fit the fund Colunga Transforma. Thank you very much to all the organizations that participated, we hope that they continue persisting in their commitment to the children of our country. ” 

We congratulate the 57 proposals that have passed to the first stage of the Technical Evaluation of the fund Colunga Transforma, which have different thematic focuses: 

  • 24 projects promote good treatment and safe spaces for children.
  • 23 have innovative strategies to improve the quality of classroom education.
  • 8 are focused on improving mental health of girls, boys and adolescents.
  • 2 proposals are designed for migrant childhood.   

In this new stage, the selected organizations must complete Form II on the platform, which can be accessed through this link. The deadline to send the information is until 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 11, 2020. 

For inquiries you can write to email

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