Colunga participates in meeting about social innovation and sustainable future of CoLab UC

May 26, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The meeting "Social Innovation 2030: Co-building sustainable futures" featured talks by social innovators Chris Sigaloff from the Netherlands and Cristina Zurbriggen from Uruguay, who reflected on the current state of social innovation, and the future they envision in this area .

In order to deepen the 2030 future of Social Innovation, and in the challenge of co-constructing more sustainable futures, the meeting "Social Innovation 2030: Co-constructing sustainable futures" was held, organized by CoLab UC, with the support of Fundación Colunga, CORFO, Government Laboratory and the National Council for Innovation for Development.

Chris Sigaloff, Director of Kennisland, the leading think tank in Europe, was the main guest of the meeting, who emphasized the role of social innovation in the current global context. "New ideas can be generated and experienced in social innovation, but they must start from critical thinking. It's time to rethink social innovation, "said the specialist.

While from Uruguay, Cristina Zurbriggen, an expert in social innovation and public policy, presented the experience of SARAS, the South American Institute for Resilience and Sustainability Studies, an interdisciplinary research center designed to generate critical points of view in order to collaborate with the construction of sustainable futures for South America.

Participatory panel

The day closed with a panel formed by María Emilia Correa of Sistema B; Juan Felipe López from the Government Laboratory; Tomás Cortese of Fundación AcercaRedes; and Arturo Celedón from Fundación Colunga.

"For us innovation is not an end, the end are those results that we want to find and shore up. What matters is that the results occur, "said Arturo Celedón, Development Director of Fundación Colunga, who stressed that" we need innovation components, to do things differently, to look for new answers to questions that we still can not solve. "

The activity had a participatory space, where those present were able to interact with the panel, formulate various questions and analyze social innovation in the national context.  


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