Colunga launches Innovation LAB in partnership with Corfo, first in Latin America

December 7, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Fundación Colunga today launched its Social Innovation Laboratory, the first focused on improving the action of non-profit organizations in Chile and Latin America, and one of the first worldwide.

The Innovation Laboratory - which has support from Corfo - It offers civil society organizations a space for the co-construction of new approaches for the development of a more just and inclusive society.

"The fact that Corfo, a government agency that focuses on the promotion of production, has supported this initiative of civil society is a great signal and at the same time a great commitment for Colunga," he said. Arturo Celedón, Development Director of the Colunga Foundation. "Today's social projects face new challenges - they need to be sustainable, demonstrate impact with measurable results, have an evident return. These demands can take you away from your core, your main reason The purpose of this laboratory is to equip organizations with the tools and capabilities necessary not only to fulfill their mission, but to exceed their own goals and expectations. "

Lanzamiento Laboratorio de Innovación Social de Colunga

In the social innovation laboratory of Colunga, experienced personnel in innovation methodologies work with civil society organizations to improve the quality and effectiveness of their initiatives and find new solutions to the gaps, failures and opportunities presented by the challenge of transforming the society. The idea is for the ecosystem of innovation to become part of this laboratory for civil society, in the search for better ways to overcome poverty and exclusion.

"The structuring of the Colunga HUB, with the support of Corfo, is an important step to continue strengthening the social innovation ecosystem in Chile," he said. Eduardo Bitran, Executive Vice President of Corfo. "The country still has significant challenges to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants and to increase the sustainability of its economic activities, and both social innovation and purposeful entrepreneurship are decentralized mechanisms with which we can address major development challenges of our country. society.


This pole of social innovation, or ColungaHUB, opened its doors in 2014, and has become a meeting place, collaborative work and source of synergies for a network of more than 100 non-profit organizations that work to transform the reality of Chile and Latin America

Throughout this journey, there is the concern of a space for experimentation that recognizes the need for innovation in civil society. Where it is also possible to find new ways to solve existing social problems, through the definition of standards, the application of tools such as Design Thinking or Storytelling, and "social technologies" to face the great challenges we face .

In this context and recognizing this sector, in 2016 CORFO incorporates civil society organizations into its strategy of innovation and social entrepreneurship, which allows Fundación Colunga, through obtaining a competitive fund, to create the Laboratory of Social Innovation of Colunga.

ColungaHUB makes a commitment to investment in training, talent attraction, the development of networks and learning communities, the application of day-to-day technologies of organizations and the transfer of tools for innovation and advocacy. This commitment materializes in this unique Laboratory in Latin America.

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