Keys to start an online fundraising campaign

August 22, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

The international organization GlobalGiving held a talk at ColungaHUB, to provide relevant information to civil society organizations to start a crowdfunding campaign through the internet.  

One of the data provided by the GlobalGiving professional, María Acevedo, is that Chile is a leader in Latin America in Internet access, since it reaches 80% of the population and this, added to the fact that online collection is increasing , it is an ideal scenario for non-profit organizations to find potential donors online.

"The first thing is to take advantage of everything that exists on the internet, all the information, in Google for example, you should look for crowdfunding platforms in Chile or internationally, and set a fundraising goal. Then it is necessary to activate your local network and inform them about what you want to achieve in order to receive donations, "explained María Acevedo.

In the talk, the GlobalGiving professional highlighted four steps to follow to carry out an online campaign:

one-. Develop a strategy: It establishes SMART goals: Specific (specific), Measurable (measurable), Action-Oriented (with specific actions), Realistic (realistic) and Time Bound (limited in time). Then decide how online fundraising and crowdfunding align with your projects.

two-. Create a plan: Choose a platform, determine which projects need funds and consider the time you have to invest in each of them, and when it is best to launch the campaign.

3-. Talk with network of contacts: Contact your network of contacts, friends and family interested in the project and develop stories to share.

4-. Activate campaign: Create a campaign team, create a content calendar, send emails, contact past donors and invite them to participate.

"GlobalGiving is like a crowdfunding school, we help our partner organizations to connect with each other, with donors, and with companies that are willing to donate, so we create that link, train them to reach the next level and grow, and that have the potential to receive these funds, "said Acevedo.
To be part of GlobalGiving your organization must be registered as an NGO, and have financial statements, among other data. For more information, enter this link.

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