Chat Colunga - Coes: The importance of inclusion in the reduction of school violence

January 19, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The last talk of the Colunga - Coes talk cycle focused on the relationship between socioeconomic inequality, school violence and performance, and gave way to interesting conversations about the Law of Inclusion and the strategies that we can carry out in educational establishments.

Quinta charla Colunga - Coes

The Coes academics, Álvaro Miranda and Dante Contreras, presented the main results of the investigation "Inequality of income, school violence and school performance":

-In countries where there is more socioeconomic inequality there is more school violence.

- Being a victim of bullying is associated with a lower average score in the Simce tests, PSU, as well as higher repetition rates.

-The economic inequality that is behind school violence could also generate that, at least, existing levels of inequality are maintained, producing a vicious circle.

-The policies that focus on reducing inequality could help reduce general violence and, specifically, school violence.

-It is possible that the increase in heterogeneity in schools, due to the Inclusion Law, can increase school violence, therefore it is very important that the exercise of this law is effectively mediated

The conversation panel was composed by Rodrigo Bassaletti, Researcher and Advisor of Paz Educa de Paz Ciudadana; Ximena Bugueño, Chief Division of Promotion and Protection of Educational Rights of the Superintendency of Education; and Miguel Cillero, Ibero-American Center for Children's Rights (CIDENI). The moderation was in charge of Jorge Varela, academic UDD.

From the Superintendency of Education, Ximena Bugueño He stressed that for the Inclusion Law to be effective schools need to revise their culture, and also "need to intentionally develop socio-emotional and ethical competencies."

Rodrigo Bassaletti focused on explaining the intervention strategies they carry out in the Paz Educa program of Fundación Paz Ciudadana, to generate school integration and reduce violence "If we see that one or a group of children presents serious problems for the establishment, the situation must be addressed early. Directors, professors and attorneys-in-fact should support them with focused strategies, "commented the researcher.

Finally Miguel Cillero He emphasized the importance of not renouncing inclusion "what we have to renounce is the selection and exclusion of students".

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Álvaro Miranda
Dante Contreras
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Miguel Cillero
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