Biobío already has winners of the Colunga Strengthening Fund!

January 25, 2019
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Colunga Strengthening Fund seeks to promote projects that have developed models and innovative solutions in the approach to social problems, related to poverty and social exclusion.

In 2018, the Strengthening Fund opened a special call for Biobío, due to the fact that this region has the second concentration of people living in poverty throughout the country. Of the 15 applicant organizations, 10 went through an improvement process together with Colunga, the University of Concepción, AboutNews Y SocialB, where they perfected the design and management of their programs.

The Evaluating Committee, composed of Inti Núñez, Development Director of the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Concepción; María Victoria Pérez, Director of the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Universidad de Concepción; Charles Kimber, Manager of Corporate and Commercial Affairs of Celulosa Arauco; Juan José Cueto, Director of the Colunga Foundation and Arturo Celedón, Executive Director of Fundación Colunga, selected the winners.

Meet the winning organizations:

Tierra de Esperanza Foundation
Project: "Socio-educational Support Newly. Challenges of education for social reintegration ". It is an initiative of educational reintegration for young people with penalties for the Adolescent Criminal Responsibility Law, where the young person receives an individual accompaniment, which seeks to raise reparatory actions around the desertion processes of the formal educational system. They work with a motivational educational model, with individual pedagogical accompaniment and their design includes young people as subjects of rights.

Súmate Foundation
Project: "Aula Cooperativa, a new pedagogical model for the teaching and learning process of children and young people excluded from the regular education system".
This initiative seeks for students to resume their educational career and complete the cycle of basic and secondary education. They work with innovative teaching and learning methodologies, where the social and educational dimension is integrated in the classroom, as well as in its accompaniment.

Tierra de Esperanza Foundation and Súmate Foundation will be supported by Colunga with financing, support and training, during the period of execution of the proposed initiative, which can take up to 3 years. 

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