Benito Baranda at the Congress of the Future 2020: “Human dignity is the measure of all public policy”

January 31, 2020
Communications Colunga Foundation

The Executive Vice President of America Solidaria and Director of Fundación Colunga, Benito Baranda, participated in the Congress of the Future 2020, where he spoke of the exclusion and inequality that characterizes our country and relieved human dignity as the only measure for resource efficiency.

The Future 2020 Congress "Ideas for a new world" convened more than 70 national and foreign exhibitors in 8 regions of Chile, to reflect on what will come both in human development, how to relate to the planet, the survival of species, the growing possibilities offered by technology, and the political future that societies will have.

 Watch a selection of videos with the intervention of Benito Baranda:

“Chile is the champion country in subjecting people to segregation and exclusion. No country has built the populations that Chile has built in the last decade. ”

“The only measure for resource efficiency is human dignity and we have to demand that in public policy. Human dignity is the measure of all public policy. ”

“If relationships are not restored as dignified relationships, we cannot think about living in justice, and living in justice is supported by hospitality. Hospitality today is what we have to build the most ”.

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