The classroom as a space for the promotion of equality: Fourth talk Colunga - Coes

November 24, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Charla Colunga - Coes: Multiculturalidad en la sala de clase para reducir discriminación

Civil society, academia and the State joined in a conversation at ColungaHUB on multiculturalism and how school interconnection helps reduce prejudice and discrimination.

In the meeting we had the presentation of Gloria Jiménez-Moya, academic COES who presented the main results of the research "Multicultural classrooms: the effect of intergroup contact in improving attitudes towards other groups".

One of its conclusions points to the fact that as a society "we have to foster contact between social groups and classrooms are the perfect context to establish new relationships. Group contact is of special relevance in childhood and early adolescence, "he said.

The activity had a conversation panel moderated by Tomás Lawrence, President of Fundación Interpreta, and counted on the comments of Francisca Gómez, Head of the Department of Studies of the Ciudad del Niño Foundation and Veronica Chaverini, Professional of the Ministry of Education, member of the Inclusion and diversity coordination in the General Education Division.

From the Ciudad del Niño Foundation, Francisca Gómez presented "The Journey of Kelmy", A magazine that rescues the testimony and experiences of refugee and migrant children in Chile. "We wanted to see how from their own perspective they observe this phenomenon," he said.

For her part, Verónica Chaverini of Mineduc focused on the importance of access, learning and participation in the educational field to achieve inclusion, the first being addressed through the School Identifier (IPE), the only number that the Mineduc delivers to people who do not have RUN and want to enter the education system.

Finally, Tomás reflected on the importance of influencing the political sphere to achieve significant changes. "The policies that are going to be decided within the next governments will mark what future adults are going to interact, and it is up to us to participate in the process of creating the public policies that are necessary for the future intercultural of Chile is possible, "he stressed.

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