Attention to social organizations: Colunga opens applications to the Strengthening Fund

April 20, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

Do you have an innovation project to strengthen your social intervention? Does your organization work to overcome poverty or improve education? Then this may interest you:

Until May 20, applications will be received for Fundación Colunga's Strengthening Fund, which supports projects for a period of up to 3 years, granting a maximum financing of $ 50 million per year.

In previous years, this fund has benefited organizations such as Fútbol Más, Proyecto B, Fundación Portas, Panal and Fundación Loyola, among others. 

What are the requirements to apply?

  • Being a non-profit organization with 4 years of existence
  • Possess valid legal personality (be foundation or corporation)
  • Possess a social intervention or social program in development of at least 3 years - either in Chile or abroad, and in urban or rural territory - in the areas of poverty and / or education.
  • Have a basic team of at least 3 people with exclusive dedication
  • Have a project to develop an innovation that enhances or strengthens the social intervention they carry out

The Colunga Foundation's mission is to empower and support civil society organizations that contribute to overcoming poverty and improving education in Chile and Latin America, through social innovation, social inclusion and interconnection as a basis for influencing society.

This contest of the Strengthening Fund, aims to promote in organizations, which already have a journey of at least 4 years, an innovation project that strengthens the social intervention they perform and improves the quality of the service they deliver.

Each organization can apply for only one project for funding.

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