This is how civil society organizations are mobilized to help those affected by fires

February 1, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

From field visits to communication support to help inform, are some of the actions being carried out by organizations belonging to ColungaHUB, in order to be an effective contribution in these times of national emergency.

Organizations of ColungaHUB have joined  #MovidosXChile, initiative led by the Community of Solidarity Organizations and which groups more than 250 organizations of civil society, whose objective is to provide relevant information to those who want to help the victims of the fires that have arisen in various regions of the country.

Through the platform, people who want to help can access systematized information about where and what kind of help is needed and how to make it arrive.

Alejandra Pizarro, executive director of the Community of Solidarity Organizations, explained that "we understand that this is a critical moment of the emergency where what is most required is that we coordinate in collaboration with the victims. For that we need to articulate between ourselves and with the local and central authorities, in order to respond to what is really needed. MovidosxChile will continue operating to respond to everything that comes after the emergency is attended. That will take months of work. "

Help in the field

Huella Local, a member foundation of ColungaHUB, and also part of MovidosxChile, has worked during the past weekend in the commune of Curepto, where they have supported with food, water and volunteering.

"Our main motivation is to help through local governments, especially municipalities, since they are the ones who know the territory and the community. For us, local actors are key in efficiently focusing aid, "he says. Álvaro Castro, executive director of the foundation.

During this week Local Footprint will raise 1000 liters of water to Curepto and 1000 liters to Licantén, since due to the drought and the damages caused by the fires, they have concluded that they will need this support for months.

For more information about collection centers and how to help, enter


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