Cable to Art: Art as a reflection of society

November 9, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

In ColungaHUB We inaugurate Cable al Arte, the new artistic space of Colunga Foundation that aims to make visible the social issues from another point of view.  

The exhibitions are in charge of the cultural management group, Arteurbano, which on this occasion began its art cycle with the visual artist Paulo Toledo, who presented his sample "Migrar".  

"In Colunga Foundation we are very happy with this initiative together with Arteurbano. This is a space for reflection and analysis of issues that move us, a place for art that talks with the social problems we have today, "he said. Esperanza Cueto, President of Colunga.

On the other hand, Paulo Toledo delved into the purpose of the Migrate exhibition. "Each painting has an intention, a reflection, and this set of pieces have as objective to show the process that the immigrant lives when he arrives in our country, what he is looking for and the obstacles he faces," he said.

"Migrar" will be at ColungaHUB until the month of December, when Arteurbano will bring new artistic expressions. "Migrar is the first of many exhibitions that we will have in this space and we hope that this project is truly a Cable to Art, a cable that brings different artistic manifestations that can show the social problems that affect us as a country", commented Ximena Sarquis, Director of Arteurbano.

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