Learning from practice: this is how the facilitators of Childhood First are trained

January 24, 2017
Communications Colunga Foundation

During a week facilitators of Fundación Infancia Primero learned new knowledge and reinforced their skills, through a series of workshops with theoretical-practical methodology, which will allow them to work with parents and caregivers effectively.

Learning practical tools that can then teach to parents and caregivers who participate in the programs Juguemos con Nuestros Hijos and Crecer Jugando, is the main objective of the training carried out by Fundación Infancia Primero in ColungaHUB, aimed at its new and more recent facilitators.

"Many of the contents of this training, they are going to transmit later to the parents. Subjects such as respectful upbringing, free motor skills, language, reading, emotions, neuroscience, among others, were always approached in a very applied way, which is the way in which we want to intervene later with the family ", comments Magdalena Mongillo, Director of Projects and Programs of the Foundation.

"When you internalize something, you make it your own and you find meaning, and then the intervention becomes much more significant and transforms. For us it is very important that they have the opportunity, before starting to work with families, to feel safe with these concrete tools, "he explains. Macarena Rojas, Facilitator of the Program Let's play with our children from Puente Alto, and teacher of the workshops held for the new professionals.

Learning from practice

"As a facilitator I felt very welcome, because it is a space where one can develop different things and that is something that allows one to grow as a professional", says Macarena Bezanilla, Facilitator of the Program Let's play with our children from La Pintana.

"It has been entertaining that it is super practical, to be actively participating. It has been very motivating to see effectively what we are starting and how it is carried out in practice ", highlights María Jesús Mardónez, Facilitator of the Program Let's play with our children from Puente Alto.

"The promotional area is a bit unknown to me, but I'm eager to see the results because what we've seen most is that there's a whole rationale that says this is the right way," he says. Salomé Vásquez, Facilitator of the Growing Playing Program of El Bosque.

The programs

To date, 1,500 families have benefited from the Juguemos con Nuestros Hijos Program of Fundación Infancia Primero, which operates in three Family Health Centers in the districts of Puente Alto and La Pintana.

The main objectives of this program are: promote the integral development of children from 0 to 4 years, considering the socio-emotional, motor, language and cognitive aspect; strengthen the interaction of children with their parents and / or primary caregivers, promoting their parental skills; and encourage the generation and maintenance of support networks for families that attend the program and that are in the breeding stage.

From the Program Playing with Our Children is born Grow Playing, an initiative that has been supported by Colunga Foundation since its creation in July 2014. During 4 months the Growing Jugando program, which takes place in the districts of El Bosque and Colina, carries out 10 workshops, where the healthy and safe bond between the child and his caregiver is promoted. . It is expected that this year 2017 this model will be replicated in more communes of the Metropolitan Region.

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