América Solidaria, Hogar de Cristo and Las Rosas Foundation share views on the relationship with their donor partners

January 26, 2018
Communications Colunga Foundation

The social organizations were part of a conversation panel at the launch of the study "Citizen Philanthropy in Chile: the value of the network of partners" of the Center for Philanthropy and Social Studies of the Adolfo Ibáñez University.

Photo: Cefis UAI

What motivates citizens to donate to social organizations? According to the Cefis UAI study "Citizen Philanthropy in Chile: the value of the network of partners", there is a majority positive perception, by 83%, about the effectiveness of social organizations in solving problems relevant to the country.

During the meeting held at the Adolfo Ibáñez University, Magdalena Aninat, Director of Cefis UAI, highlighted the importance of citizen philanthropy in the contribution to the diversification of financing to social organizations.

The activity featured a conversation panel composed of Juan Cristóbal Romero, Executive Director of Hogar de Cristo, Claudia Castañeda, Director of Development of Las Rosas Foundation and  Laura Martínez, Director of Alliances of América Solidaria, who reflected on the impact they have had with their networks of donor partners, among the broadest within Chilean civil society.

For Claudia Castañeda "the approach to the daily life of donors is the key to keeping them in time," he said.

While for Laura Martínez approaching the partners to the organization is very important. "The challenge is to make the partner participate in the spaces that we open or that are even protagonists and have a stronger involvement in the organization," he said.

For his part, Juan Cristóbal Romero emphasized that "one of the great challenges is to achieve the permanence of the partners over time. Loyalty is a path that must be cultivated. "

The study "Citizen Philanthropy in Chile: the value of the network of partners" corresponds to the latest publication of the research project of the Mapping of Philanthropy and Social Investment of CEFIS UAI, which in the last two years has delivered the first data that exist in Chile on the vision and practice of the different donors active in the country. Here you can see the other publications.

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