4changemedia performs premiere of Camiseteados with members of ColungaHUB

December 29, 2016
Communications Colunga Foundation

Two documentaries of the 4changemedia project, which seeks to make ordinary people working to make their community a better place to live, were presented to members of ColungaHUB.

The 4changemedia team shared with members of the various organizations of ColungaHUB, their experiences and motivations to carry out the "Camiseteados" initiative, which brought together eight finalists from different parts of Chile, whose solidarity stories were captured in micro-documentaries.

"What we seek is to radiate a culture of positive solidarity, making visible and celebrating ordinary Chileans who do extraordinary tasks," he said. Álvaro Farías, journalist and co-founder of 4changemedia.

The meeting was attended by the journalist Amaro Gómez Pablos, also co-founder of 4changemedia, who commented that "Chile is a country that does not have a television or film industry, that is permanently promoting civic virtues, so we wanted to endeavor to extol those virtues, to rescue the best among us, the citizens "

In the premiere held at ColungaHUB, two of the eight finalist documentaries were shown: The history of Elías Jara, creator of the initiative "In the eyes of my mother", a program that supports and guides mothers with children in drug rehabilitation in Antofagasta, and that of Pedro Ziede of the project "Sowing health", which carries out medical operations in Antofagasta to reduce waiting lists in public hospitals.

The other stories of the other finalists of "Camiseteados" are on the site www.camiseteados.cl, where you can also vote to choose the winner that will become the Chile's Camiseteado.

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