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We implemented the mission of Colunga through the Social Development Program and the Social Innovation Center.

These are the lines of work of Fundación Colunga

Social Development Program

It is a platform where social investment is made, the development of impact models is accompanied and the incidence on public policies is enhanced. This program addresses the development of projects, promoting and strengthening their effectiveness through financing, technical advice and accompaniment. In this way, it contributes to the construction of social policies, in order to increase the impact of initiatives in overcoming poverty and improving the quality of education.

Innovative Fund

Support to people who lead innovative initiatives (up to 3 years) with innovative proposals, with impact and with potential for scalability.


Support to social organizations of at least 4 years of work in the field, and for periods of 2 to 3 years, aimed at the implementation of good practices and improvements in organizational management.

Alliances Fund

Support to organizations with 10 or more years of operation, designed to design and implement value models that contribute to social policies. This fund is not eligible.


Strategic and punctual contributions to relevant projects for the development of social programs and their ecosystem.

Applied research

It brings knowledge and evidence to those who execute the programs. It provides initial information for impact investors and generates reliable evidence of the results of the interventions.

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Center for Social Innovation

It contributes to the development of civil society organizations that lead innovative and high-impact initiatives, seeking to improve the quality of their social interventions. Promotes social innovation, through a collaborative space, the interconnection between relevant actors of the ecosystem, and activities that promote learning and experimentation.

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Laboratorio de Innovación Social
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Social Innovation Laboratory

Programa de Mentoría
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Mentoring Program

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