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Social Innovation Laboratory

Social Innovation Laboratory

The Laboratory of Social Innovation is a space for learning and experimentation, which seeks to empower organizations to improve the quality of their projects and social interventions.

Laboratorio de Innovación Social
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Social Innovation Laboratory

Programa de Mentorías
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Mentoring Program

Incubation and Scaling Program

This program aims to accelerate projects supported by the Social Development Program, to improve the quality of its models of social change, incorporate leadership skills and ensure efficient solutions for children, education and overcoming poverty. In each process, six work stations are implemented where different experts participate, content is applied and presentation and feedback spaces are opened, in order to strengthen each project. This program was carried out during 2017 and 2018 in partnership with different organizations, achieving a total participation of 13 projects.

Training and delivery of tools

This laboratory is intended to transfer and apply tools to improve the effectiveness of organizational management. Through innovation, advocacy and approaching technologies, organizations can develop new skills and find effective solutions to the challenges they face. During the years 2017 and 2018, training programs were carried out on models of sustainability, income generation, trends, challenges of civil society and good practices of participation and inclusion. In 2018, 38 organizations participated in the fundraising workshops and 150 people attended the massive events that were organized to transfer knowledge and skills.

Encounter and reflection

To address the emerging challenges facing civil society, meetings of reflection and learning are organized among leaders in this sector. These instances aim to discover better forms of work organization, promoting horizontal and participative organizational structures and procedures that promote effectiveness.

They also provide skills that improve the impact of institutions. During 2018, two were carried out to work on governance and dynamic management, specifically the Sociocracy model. Attended 79 people with management positions of 39 foundations.

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